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Welcome to this BSD user group

After exchanging some emails on the FreeBSD-questions Mailing List, some people in the Iberian region decided to meet online to discuss ways of collaborating towards creating a regional user group and hopefully helping raise BSD awareness in the region.

Anyone is welcome to join!

Really, anyone! During this exclusively-online phase, we specially encourage Spanish-speaking people to drop in, introduce themselves, and help us shape this new space for BSD users.

How to participate

We meet over Jitsi at (test your setup before hand and ping if you need someone to test with before).

If the amount of attendees resulted in video not being practical, we'd switch to a Mumble channel, which can be used over web on

There is also a pubic Matrix room which is bridged to IRC as #BSD-es on for more somewhat synchronous communications.

Upcoming meetings

Monday, June 22nd 2020: 19.30 (CEST)

We will make a call for participation during the next two weeks, and see if some people manage to make it. This will be crucial in shaping the future nature of this initiative.

Previous meetings

BSDCan2020, June 5th-6th 2020

Monday, May 25th 2020: 19.30 (CEST)

Some BSD news talk, we decided to comment online BSDCan2020 in lieu of next meeting.

Monday, May 11th 2020: 19.30 (CEST)

A FreeeBSD old-timer came back! We were commenting on what happened to the FreeBSD-es initiative and also various BSD news like the Single Processor vs Multi Processor kernels discussion in OpenBSD and how, we may be biased, but there seems to be more people trying the BSDs :-).

Monday, April 27th 2020: 19.30 (CEST)

We welcomed someone new, this time from OpenBSD!

It looks like networking is establishing itself as a common topic amongst the assistants.

Monday, April 13th 2020: 19.30 (CEST)

We introduced ourselves, exchanged some ideas and agreed to have regular online meetups while confinement lasts.

After confinement is lifted, we want to look into mixing up online and physical meetups.

Besides geographically-rotating meetups (at first Pamplona, Madrid and Barcelona), there is an explicit proposal of creating a space in Barcelona twice a month for people who are curious about BSD and want to hear some more, people who use a BSD regularly, or even people wanting to do some hacking.

We finished the meeting by geeking out a bit about networks, since it happened to be a common interest of the people present.

Other community resources

It's been called to our attention that there are already some community initiatives that are either a bit more specific or we just didn't know about them: